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Questions & Answers

On this page, you will find many answers to your questions to facilitate your time and concerns. Page will be updated through out the year to better service our clients. Please always check back for additional questions and answers.

Why do I need SR22 Insurance?

You may be required to file an SR-22 when you reinstate from specific suspensions and/or revocations. The SR-22 requires the insurance company to notify the DMV of any policy cancellation. The SR-22 form is not an insurance policy. If you don't keep the SR-22 current, the insurance company will notify the Motor Vehicle Division that the SR-22 is no longer in effect, but is still required. Your driver license will be suspended for that reason alone. In many occasions, you need SR22 filling because you have a suspended or revoked license due to excessive driving violations, driving under the influence or unpaid citations or court fees.

Why do I pay more for Insurance than other friends and relatives?

Insurance rates are based on many factors and it is almost impossible for everyone to obtain the same Insurance rate. Insurance is based on some of the following factors that will impact your Insurance premium and may raise or lower your insurance rates. For example: Driving record, year make and model of your vehicle, coverage type (liability or full coverage), zip code, age which reflects the number of years of driving experience, out of state license, number of vehicles, proof of prior insurance credits, homeowner credits and credit. These are some examples of why you would pay less or more from others.

Having current insurance helps me obtain better Insurance rates?

Yes, in most cases you will obtain proof of prior insurance credits under new insurance quotes for maintaining insurance. The longer your proof of prior under the same carrier is, the higher the insurance credit you will receive. In most cases, you need a minimum of 6 months proof of prior insurance in order to qualify for proof of prior insurance credit.

Why is trucking Insurance rates so high for a new business?

Obtaining your own trucking business can be very successful and we understand there is many concerns about the Insurance costs behind it. Insurance costs will differentiate between one business to the other. Insurance companies will evaluate your business classification and obtain a rating based on the risk.  In addition, your CDL driving experience mod will have a huge impact on your insurance rates. For example, someone who just obtained their CDL, will pay higher premium since their CDL experience is less than 2 yards. If you have over 2 years of CDL experience, your Insurance rates will be much lower. Within other factors, Insurance will vary based on your trucking business operations (Dirt, Sand, Gravel, Long Haul, heavy equipment transportation, household movers and others). Maintaining a clean Commercial Drivers License will always save you a lot of money in the long run. Speak to one our representatives for additional information.

Does my current homeowners Insurance cover flood?

95% of the time, most insurance companies will NOT cover flood Insurance under your homeowners Insurance policy. In most instances, Flood Insurance is a separate policy that must be requested in order for your property to be covered in case of a flood claim. Flood coverage can be obtained by requesting such coverage from your Insurance company. Flood Insurance can be a low rate if you don't leave near a flood zone and can have higher costs if you do live near a flood zone area.

Can I obtain Insurance over the phone?

Yes! With today's technology, you can obtain Insurance coverage through the phone and by signing your Insurance documents via DocuSign. 

Can I obtain Auto Insurance without a drivers license?

Yes, you may obtain Auto Insurance with a suspended, revoked or identification state ID as long as you add SR22 filling under your Auto Insurance policy.

How can I lower my Insurance payments?

There is many ways to lower your Insurance rates and here are some examples you should take advantage of today: Sign up for Electronic withdraw payments (autopay), make sure to obtain homeowner credit if you are a homeowner, combine your home and auto Insurance for a multi policy discount, sign up for paperless billing, maintain a clean driving record, maintain current Insurance for a minimum of 6 months, shopping for new Insurance with at least 7 days prior to current expiration date will help you obtain a Future Dated Discount, sign up for telematics if the insurance company offers such program, school credits with an average of 3.0 score can get you a Good Student Discount, providing a college degree may also help you obtain a better rate and among other options. Speak to your representative for additional credits you may qualify for.  

Do I need Workers Compensation Insurance for my company?

If you have a business and you are not sure if you need to purchase Workers Compensation Insurance, here is some basic information you will need to evaluate. Under the Department of Labor, you are required to obtain Workers Compensation Insurance if you have or are planning on hiring employees for your company. If you have a business but don't have employees, then you are NOT required to obtain coverage. When hiring 1 or more employees for your company, you must maintain such coverage in order to avoid hefty fines and or law suites against your company by your employees due to an accident / injury during the time they are working for your company. In addition, if you hire W-9 (subcontractors) you must obtain certificates of Insurance from them reflecting Business General Liability and Workers Compensation in order for your business to stay away from liability. For additional questions, please speak to one of our representatives.

Can I Insure a commercial or business vehicle under personal Insurance?

The answer is no. If you have a business vehicle or commercial vehicle which is being used for business purposes or if the vehicle is considered a commercial vehicle even if you do not use it for business purposes, it must be insured under a Commercial Auto Insurance policy. All insurance companies will exclude liability coverage if you add such vehicle to your Personal Auto Insurance policy. In other words, if you don't use the vehicle for business purposes, but just happen to have a vehicle that is considered commercial type, you can still obtain Commercial Auto Insurance for personal use purposes. Speak to one of our representatives for additional information.

How many days in advance do I need to notify my Insurance company to STOP my Electronic Funds Transfer "EFT"?

The majority of the Insurance companies require you to notify them of a STOP payment request with at least 3-5 business days notice prior to the withdraw date. If you call to stop EFT payments within 3 business days of the withdraw, your payment will still be processed for not providing enough notice. This also applies to updating your new debit or credit card payment information in order for payments to proceed without interruption. 

Do I obtain a discount for paying my Insurance policy in full?

Yes! The majority of Insurance companies will provide you with a Paid In Full Discount when you pay your Insurance policy in full. This discount only applies to Personal Insurance policies and not Commercial Insurance Policies, unless your are paying for a Business Auto or Commercial Auto Policy in full. It does not apply to Workers Compensation or Business General Liability Insurance Policies. 

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